Simple Health Habits Worth Adopting into Your Life

It is almost the year 2022 and most of us are thinking of any new goals to set and achieve. For most people, a healthy lifestyle is one of the major goals they wish to achieve before the end of their goal period. If you are one of them, this article will assist you with the basics we keep skipping every time.… Read more “Simple Health Habits Worth Adopting into Your Life”

The Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

2022 is around the corner. Just a few months and we are there. We are facing a new start and new opportunities. And these chances hardly come over and over. You have to seize them. And the moment is now. We want you to be prepared with the tools and strategies that will help you navigate healthcare digital marketing in the New Year.… Read more “The Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022”

Appointment Scheduling: Why It’s Important for Your Business

In the world of business, it is all about profits. But that’s easy to say, but hard to create. The reality is the hyper-competition we all face once you dive into the market. What separates great services from good ones is how you schedule your appointments. It implies the interaction feeling you give your customers before they decide to buy your product or go with your service. The reason for failure in your appointment-making process is that you lack consistency in your promises and are most probably not observant of the value delivered to the customer. If you want to know more, especially on the ways to enhance your commerce activities, then let’s cover the arguments why scheduling your appointments is very important for your business.… Read more “Appointment Scheduling: Why It’s Important for Your Business”

What Do Medical Billers Do?

Before we know what medical billers do, we should familiarize ourselves with the term medical billing and medical billers. Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. Medical billers are responsible for submitting medical claims to insurance companies and payers. They play an essential role in the link between insurance companies, health care providers and patients. What medical billers do A medical billing company enters information on the medical claim into practice management software. The biller typically assembles all data concerning the bill. Medical billers communicate with doctors and other healthcare professionals regularly to clarify results or to get extra information. The information included is of the patient, physician, the insurer or payer and the medical billing and coding. The standard codes used depend on the type of medical practice, and they include: · CPT codes (Current Procedural Terminology) · CPT modifiers (Current Procedural Terminology) · ICD codes (International Classification of Diseases) Roles of medical billers. They communicate between the related… Read more “What Do Medical Billers Do?”