The Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

2022 is around the corner. Just a few months and we are there. We are facing a new start and new opportunities. And these chances hardly come over and over. You have to seize them. And the moment is now.

We want you to be prepared with the tools and strategies that will help you navigate healthcare digital marketing in the New Year.

Increased personalization

Old-school content is written for the public and general audience. It is as if you are writing for everyone to read. But it is not the case in the oncoming year. Since you will be familiar with marketing tools, then you will have to use marketing data to create content. The data you collect should help you point out and describe the personal issues affecting particular patients or groups of patients.

This type of approach is more individualized and will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Patient referral and retention

Sometimes life is all about connections and patient referrals might be the thing you will need to bet on. To promote others to come to your field, you should ensure that your patients are satisfied. Happy patients are willing to go the extra mile and refer friends and family to your craft. This should be something that will boost your client base.

It is recommended to reward patients after a long period of doing business. This will ensure that you retain them in the long run.

Have a solid content strategy

In the previous years, the content was written with pure speculation, uttermost wit, and investigative copying of your competition. The game has changed in healthcare digital marketing, and you will have to be aware of all the details since the potential client or patient is comparing websites with each other. He or she will come to a conclusion on whether you were genuine or not.

Use of video marketing

Let’s be honest. Reading a blog is dreadful, and people are tired of the old-school way of doing things. Welcome to the new world where audiobooks and Instagram Reels are the things to apply. Medical websites are slowly growing into that world.

Videos are great because they give stories a personal touch. If you deliver value at a very high level, consumers will be concerned about what your company can do for them.


If you think that podcasts are just for self-help content and funny channels, think again. People want information in a conversational manner so that they can relate to the current medical practices and conspiracies about the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are really great complement for blog stories as they diversify options. Remember, preferences differ. Have an alternative that other people can listen to and experience further details of the voice and persona of your practice.


Before the height of the pandemic, many had questioned the use of Telehealth gadgets and services in the industry. But now, it seems as though we have come to a consensus. Telehealth is here to stay. It is even now being considered as the future of healthcare, as it merges health services with the efficiency and convenience of technology.