The Impact of Pandemic on eCommerce

Pandemics have a significant effect on each kind of community or business. Whether you are dealing business on a large or a small scale, your business might get disrupted unless and until you run a pharmacy store or a pharmaceutical laboratory that sells medicines and takes care of patients. Over time, Covid-19 has negatively impacted every kind of business, but eCommerce has seen a massive rise in sales during the pandemic. The COVID epidemic has prompted numerous smaller companies to rethink their half-century corporate practices or risk catastrophic closure. Innovative and up-to-date technology is being pushed to the center of every company’s toolset, and forward-thinking companies are tackling talent issues resulting from these emerging digital skills and expertise.… Read more “The Impact of Pandemic on eCommerce”

The Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

2022 is around the corner. Just a few months and we are there. We are facing a new start and new opportunities. And these chances hardly come over and over. You have to seize them. And the moment is now. We want you to be prepared with the tools and strategies that will help you navigate healthcare digital marketing in the New Year.… Read more “The Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022”