How to Get More Followers on Instagram and Make Them Remain

You can get followers on Instagram instantly by making use of tested and proven marketing solutions. But the question is, can you make them remain? One thing is certain: you are the one who will determine the circumstances of your Instagram account – that’s if you aim to be genuine and authentic. A bot can be able to do what you are about to learn, but what makes the difference is the relationship created. That is what makes people come over and over to view what you are tagging or posting. With that in mind, we think you are ready to hear what are the tips to get more Insta followers and maintain them.

Getting More Followers

  1. Switch to Public

If you are starting, it’s not an excellent strategy to think about celebrities and social influencers. You shouldn’t worry about their vast audiences. You have zero followers and that’s accurate. This first step is crucial because you are making your content available to the Instagram world.


  1. Land yourself on the Explorer Page

We all know the Explorer Page. It’s where the best to sit. Here is a step-by-step procedure for how you can get there. Once you have switched your account to Public, you want to post 20-50 spam posts. Remember, you are just getting started. What you need is to get attention from potential followers. The best way to do this is by posting viral and trendy content in your niche. Another great way is posting relatable TikTok content on your Post Feed in your niche.

Second, you need to understand who are the leading pages in your niche and start liking those pages. Also, you can follow those pages and the accounts tagged along. This follow-for-follow strategy needs to be applied until you have at least 1000-1500 followers of your own. If you hit this goal, you need to slow down. You need to know when to give up. Once you have a couple of few thousand followers of your own, it’s time to streamline the posts to three or four posts per day.

Last, and the most crucial part, you need to analyze what is blowing up. You need to know why it is working and what are the components of those posts. If you have the formula down, you have a recipe that nobody else in this world can replicate.

Maintaining followers

If you are losing followers, the issue is with your content, niche, and exposure. You’ve got to be realistic with yourself and identify the problem. Do not stop at: I’m producing great content and it’s just people who are not caring. You are just making lame excuses for what needs to be changed. If you are this kind of person, you need to transform yourself. The best way to change is to be open to changes. Establishing this character will enable you to see the underlying setbacks that lead you to lose your followers.

If it’s a niche issue, you have to decide to stick to the niche you are interested in. You also need to be very specific about what you will be producing. If it’s a content issue, review what is working over and over. That implies the posts that have an impressive track record and you may replicate them. Collide your content with likability, consistency, and massive quantities. If it’s an exposure issue, so you need to immerse yourself in the process of engagement.